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Why Seniors Should Eat Pitaya

Why the Elderly Should Eat More Pitaya in Cincinnati, OH

Pitaya, which is also known as dragon fruit, is a cactus fruit indigenous to Asia and South America. This fruit is known for its hot pink and bright green outer skin that hides soft white fruit dotted with black seeds. For many years, pitaya was only used for its exotic appearance, but Cincinnati elderly care providers are starting to realize that it also has many unique attributes that make it the ideal healthy snack for seniors.

Promotes Heart Health

This colorful fruit is extremely low in bad cholesterol while also being a great source of unsaturated fat. That’s why it is great at helping seniors to maintain ideal cholesterol levels. The edible seeds in pitaya are also high in fiber, which further reduces risks of cardiovascular disease. 

Provides Essential Antioxidants

Antioxidants are chemicals that protect the body from oxidative damage, which is linked to many age-related health conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Dragon fruits contain several different types of antioxidants, the potency of which is even higher than acai berries. 

Significant Source of Nutrition

Pitaya contains many essential vitamins and minerals that prevent malnutrition. Seniors who do not enjoy taking vitamin supplements can eat dragon fruit to get vitamin C, vitamin E, several B vitamins, calcium, iron, and phosphorous. One serving contains three times as much vitamin C as a serving of carrots.

Aids Digestion

Dragon fruit has long been used as a natural treatment for constipation. The flesh and seeds in just 3.5 ounces of pitaya contains roughly 12 percent of the fiber a senior needs each day. It also eases digestion because of the many fatty acids that have a mild laxative effect, which is why pitaya is a great way to ease gastrointestinal upset.

Reach out to Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati to help your loved one maintain a healthy diet. We provide flexible live-in and hourly home care in Cincinnati that assists seniors with all aspects of daily life including nutritious meal preparation, physical exercise, housekeeping, and more. Call 513.891.2273 to schedule a free consultation and meet with a trusted Care Manager today.

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