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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method and You – A Personalized Way to Keep the Mind Healthy

There can be no doubt that growing old has its challenges, but aging does have its benefits. People tend to become wiser in the autumn of their lives, and they often report higher life satisfaction rates than they did when they were young. That being said, illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia do tend to occur at much higher frequencies after a certain age, leading to a greater level of importance being put on cognitive therapy and prevention.

That’s where the Cognitive Therapeutics Method comes in. A revolutionary brain health program developed by top researchers and neuropsychologists at Home Care Assistance, the program improves the quality of life for older adults through a holistic approach. Using one-on-one interaction as well as exercises and activities that are meaningful and relevant to the individual, there is a focus on stimulating interests and engagement. Here are just some of the advantages reported by people who have undergone this treatment scheme successfully:

1. It’s Fun and Person-Centered

More than anything, what impresses clients about the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is that it is relaxing, person-centered and fun. In addition to being challenging, the sessions take place in the comfort of your own home with no testing of any kind, no expectations of performance and with a relatable coach.  After getting to know the client, trained brain fitness coaches employ a variety of customized activities that are designed to stimulate more than memory, including attention, language, visual-spatial and executive functions. The overall goal to is to maximize the potential for long-term brain health while having fun.

2. It is Based on Scientific Research

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is based on scientifically-approved principles, and has helped many people harness their potential to engage in personal interests and hobbies as well as discover new ones. This method aims to stimulate neural connections by engaging in novel and challenging experiences. The program encourages healthy lifestyle choices such as increased appropriate physical activity, a heightened social engagement and a Mediterranean based diet.  All of these shifts go hand in hand with the exercises proposed by the Cognitive Therapeutics Method.

3. Everyone Benefits from a Personalized Approach

Since the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is customized, coaches create personalized activities and objectives for each person, so if a person loves cars, photography and classical music, those themes will be implemented whenever possible. Likewise, for a person who loves country music, horses and baking, those aspects would be integrated into the activities and programs. Each client’s sessions are unique and tailored to the individual.

At Home Care Assistance Cincinnati, we believe everyone is capable of engaging in what they love. We support our clients’ abilities and facilitate their function with whatever amount of support each person needs. In addition to making brain fitness training fun and individualized, the Home Care Assistance coaches work with you to arrange sessions that work for your schedule. Call for a free consultation today.

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