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5 Summer Games Seniors Can Play Outside

5 Summer Games Seniors Can Play Outdoors in Cincinnati, OH

Summertime is a great time of year for seniors to go outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Sunshine is vital for the vitamin D making process, which elderly adults especially need to absorb calcium. While spending some time outdoors, there are many different fun games hourly home caregivers in Cincinnati can play with seniors to keep them entertained. 

1. Volleyball

Played with two people on each team, the game involves throwing the ball into the air and volleying the lightweight orb back and forth. The team able to keep the ball airborne the longest wins. This is a fun and active game recommended for more mobile seniors and Cincinnati, OH, elderly care providers.

2. Frisbee Toss

Erect a net or establish the goal area. Use a paper plate, a towel or other object in the center as the bull’s eye. Score points based on players hitting or near missing the target. It’s a perfect low-impact game that helps seniors work on their aim and arm strength.

3. Pickleball

This game is a combination of tennis and Ping-Pong. Establish a court area suitable for one or two people on either side of a net. Instead of tennis balls and rackets, the game uses a whiffle ball and Ping-Pong paddles. Serve the ball, allow it to bounce and return the serve. The game requires only underhanded motions, which will benefit seniors who lack upper body strength. 

4. Water Balloon Toss

The activity is great for fostering bonds and for cooling off on a hot summer’s day. Teams of two face each other at a distance of about three feet. Team members then toss a water balloon to their facing teammate. After each successful catch, all take one step backward. Teams who fail to catch their balloon are disqualified. 

5. Yard Bowling

On short grass, a driveway or a patio set up plastic bowling pins in a traditional pyramid formation. Players then try their skill at knocking down the pins with a beach ball, soccer ball, or whatever they are most comfortable with. Yard bowling is also suitable for seniors with limited mobility.

Even if your loved one requires Alzheimer’s or dementia care in Cincinnati, OH, he or she will benefit from playing a few of these games outside. Learn more about senior wellness by calling Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati at 513.891.2273 today. We are a leading provider of in-home care that promotes mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing among our clients. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how your loved one will benefit from our services.

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