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Stress Check for Family Caregivers

The stress of providing long term care to a family member often starts off slowly and builds over time. This can make it hard for caregivers to notice the subtle effects that stress has on their emotional and physical health until it has already taken a large toll. For this reason, it is recommended that family caregivers in Cincinnati use regular stress checks to identify some of the warning signs that they could benefit from additional support.
Performing a Stress Check

Because caregivers are often short on time, stress checks are designed to be completed in a matter of minutes. This simple tool involves a checklist of questions that caregivers can use to assess their level of stress. These checklists can be easily found online, and include questions that pertain to a caregiver’s daily activities, emotions and physical symptoms. After answering the questions, a caregiver can add up their points and compare it to a listing of normal guidelines to determine if they are highly stressed.

Benefits of Checking for Stress

When a caregiver experiences a high level of stress without taking a break, they can become more susceptible to burnout. Caregivers who are highly stressed are also more likely to experience physical ailments and depression. By performing a stress check regularly, caregivers can avoid many of the negative side effects of providing long term Cincinnati home care to a family member.

Managing Stress as a Caregiver

After a stress check signifies that a caregiver is feeling overwhelmed by their duties, it is important to be proactive and implement strategies to manage high levels of stress. Taking a break is one of the most effective ways to manage caregiver stress. Although it may be difficult to ask for help, families who arrange for other caregivers to provide respite find that everyone benefits from the arrangement. When a primary caregiver is relaxed and comfortable, they will be able to provide better care for their loved one while also safeguarding their well-being.

If you are overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities and are interested in learning more about respite or hourly home care in Cincinnati, reach out to Home Care Assistance. As a leading provider of home care for seniors, we offer flexible hourly and live-in care plans and complimentary consultations where you can learn more about our care services. To schedule a consultation, call 513-891-2273 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.

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