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5 Awe-Inspiring Elderly Graduates

Graduate Seniors in Cincinnati, OH

While some people claim they are too old to learn anything new, there are seniors who are proving that is simply not true. These seniors are over the age of 90 and earning college degrees. Nearing 100 has not held some people back from earning their college degrees. The seniors below are proof of that and they continue to inspire both seniors and their in-home Cincinnati care professionals. 

1. Doreetha Daniels

When Doreetha Daniels traveled from Nebraska to California in the early 1900s, she proved she was a very independent woman. In 2009, she entered the classroom for the very first time. Despite having multiple strokes and almost losing all her sight, she graduated in 2015.The commencement speaker even told her how much she was inspired by this lady’s strong spirit.

2. Nola Ochs

In 1930, Nola Ochs left college to get married. Forty-two years later, she returned to college. She completed her first degree in time to walk across the stage with her youngest granddaughter. In 2009, she earned her master’s degree.

3. Leo Plass

Jobs were scarce during the Great Depression, so when Leo Plass’ friend offered him a high paying one, he jumped at the chance. He finally got his chance to return to the classroom, earning his associate’s degree when he was 99 years old.

4. Wally Taibleson

Not until he was asked what he planned to do during his retirement, did Wally decide to go to college. He took his first college course when he was 70 years old. Despite losing his wife and his sight, Wally has since graduated with three master’s degrees.

5. Doctor Allan Stewart

With World War II raging, Allan Stewart dropped out of school to defend his country. He earned his doctor’s license while in the United States Army. He never lost sight of earning his first degree. After a successful career, he went back to school and earned that degree at the age of 95.


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