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5 Things Threatening Senior Independence

Senior Independence Threats

Aging in place, the ability for seniors to live comfortably, safely, and independently at home, is the goal of a majority of older adults. Yet, aging in place isn’t always easy to achieve. Home Care Assistance, a trusted Cincinnati in-home care provider, shares some of the most common barriers and biggest threats to senior independence.

  1. Family – Family, especially those who are not able to check in on their loved one regularly, may insist that a senior move into an assisted living or nursing home once he or she reaches a certain age. Alternatively, family members may be unwilling or unable to personally assist the aging senior with daily activities to help them retain independence.
  2. Changes in Health – Changes in a senior’s physical or cognitive health may make it unsafe or difficult for a senior to completely daily activities without assistance. In other cases, a senior may not be able to recover from a fall or injury. More serious health concerns, such as the diagnosis of dementia or Parkinson’s, may also make it difficult for a senior to continue with his or her regular routines independently.
  3. Medication – Seniors are often prescribed a number of medications, many vital to their health and well-being. Each medication may have its own time schedule, requirements such as “take with food”, or possible interactions if medications are taken simultaneously. Confusion with medication can create a life-threatening situation for seniors, threatening not only independence, but safety.
  4. Poor Nutrition – Since a person’s metabolism slows as they age, nutritional needs decrease. However, seniors may not be aware that they are not eating enough food, and may not eat balanced meals or drink enough water. As a result, weight can drop to an unhealthy level, causing family members and health professionals to become concerned.
  5. Pride – Seniors often do not seek help due to their own pride. They may overlook the severity of a health condition because they are afraid to lose their independence. In reality, however, not addressing issues as soon as they arise can make treating the issue more difficult, resulting in severe disability that requires assisted living or long-term care.

If you feel any of the above is affecting a senior loved one, it may be time to consider in-home care. Seniors and their families can look at Cincinnati hourly care which includes help with meal preparation, errands, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and transportation on an as-needed basis.

Interested in finding out if an in-home caregiver is the right fit for your aging parent, grandparent, or relative? Call 513-891-2273 and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a Home Care Assistance Care Manager and learn more about our caregiver hiring process, training platforms, care schedules, and more!

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