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Essential Safety Tips for Senior Drivers

Essential Driving Tips for Senior Drivers in Cincinnati, OH

The experienced staff at the leading Cincinnati senior care agency knows firsthand that for most seniors, driving is how they maintain their independence, and many are reluctant to give up the keys. If your loved one still gets behind the wheel of the car, there are a variety of steps he or she can take to mitigate the physical and cognitive affects of aging on safe driving.

Get Regular Check-Ups

First and foremost, elderly drivers need to be on top of their health by receiving regular check-ups and vision and hearing exams. Elderly drivers should talk with their doctors about the affects their specific diagnosed ailments and diseases can have on driving as well as the possible side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Find the Right Car

Sometimes finding the right car can reduce the number of physical and cognitive variables an elderly driver needs to contend with in order to drive safely. Some new technologies like video cameras and sensors can assist with backing up, provide automatic braking, keep a driver in a lane, monitor blind spots, and automatically parallel park.

Modify an Existing Car

Keep in mind that a senior’s existing car can be modified in some ways to make driving easier for those with disabilities or specific chronic conditions. Consult an occupational therapist and certified driving rehabilitation for advice tailored to the needs of a specific driver. The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists and The American Occupational Therapy Association are great places to begin the search for qualified experts.

Listen to Others

On a final note, elderly drivers should listen to the concerns of others. It is not easy for a loved one or friend to discuses driving limitations with an elderly loved one. Therefore, if they feel strongly enough to bring it up, chances are an elderly driver needs to take a long, hard, and honest look at his or her driving ability.  Consulting an expert third party, as mentioned above, can provide assuredness and peace of mind to all involved.

Learn more about senior safety from the friendly staff at Home Care Assistance. Our live-in, hourly, and respite care in Cincinnati ensure seniors have the help they need to remain safe, happy, and healthy in the comfort of home. To find out how our services can benefit both you and your loved one, please give us a call today at 513.891.2273. We look forward to speaking with you.

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