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Understanding Why Cancer Screening Is Important for Senior Health

Why Your Senior Loved One Should Screen for Cancer in Cincinnati, OH

In order to ensure that seniors remain as healthy as possible, they should get routine physical examinations and laboratory tests as recommended by their physicians. In addition to keeping their loved ones updated on vaccinations and checkups, Cincinnati hourly home care providers should take additional preventative measures by encouraging seniors to undergo regular cancer screenings.

Importance of Cancer Screenings

As people get older, many medical conditions are likely to develop. This is especially true of cancer. Statistics indicate that people over the age of 65 account for 60 percent of newly diagnosed cancers. In fact, 70 percent of cancer-related deaths occur among the senior population. Malignancies respond to treatment more effectively when discovered and diagnosed in the early stages of development, which is why it’s so important for seniors to get screened regularly for various types of cancer.

Breast Cancer

Approximately half of all new breast cancer patients are women over the age of 65. Health care providers and the American Cancer Society recommend that women between the ages of 50 and 74 receive mammograms at least once every two years. This time frame may vary depending on a woman’s individual risk factors and overall health.

Colon Cancer

Nearly 70 percent of colorectal cancers develop in seniors over the age of 65. Between the ages of 50 and 75, adults should undergo routine rectal exams or colonoscopy evaluations. Non-invasive forms of testing include barium enemas and CT scans.

Prostate Cancer

The American Cancer Society reports that one in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. After the age of 65, this number increases to six out of every 10 men. Regular screening should start at the age of 50. Those at a higher risk may need more frequent examinations.

Cancer Risks

In addition to age, many other factors determine risk of developing cancer. African-American men, for example, are more prone to developing prostate cancer. When parents or siblings have a history of cancer, this also puts family members in the high-risk category. Living in the United States, being overweight, smoking and regularly consuming high-fat foods, foods, refined or processed foods also increase the risks of cancer.

Should your loved one be diagnosed with cancer, an early diagnosis can make all the difference in terms of treatment. Seniors can also turn to Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati to help manage the symptoms of their cancer treatments. We provide comprehensive elder care Cincinnati seniors need to manage illness or injury in the comfort of home. In addition to helping seniors in terms of health and wellbeing, we also offer assistance with daily activities including housekeeping, personal care, and transportation to and from appointments. To learn more, call an experienced Care Manager at 513.891.2273 and schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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