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Alzheimer’s Cure May Be Around the Corner

Promising Results for New Alzheimer's Drug in Cincinnati, OH

Initial trials of a new drug that may slow down Alzheimer’s disease have been promising and have raised expectation that a cure for the devastating disease maybe round the corner. The drug, Aducanumab was able to remove plaque from the brains of patients who have Alzheimer’s disease in the early stages. Have a loved one with Alzheimer’s? check out our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method for the most reliable Alzheimer’s care Cincinnati has to offer.


The company that developed the drug, Biogen stumbled upon the treatment when it started testing the drug for safety.  Aducanumab’s beneficial effects on the brains were unexpected and spurred Biogen to start tracking them. The drug appeared to slow down the mental decline of patients in the sample and brain scans showed that those who received higher doses of Aducanumab, reported the greatest reduction in protein accumulation. Prior to the human trials, the drug was also shown to clear plaques from the brains of mice.


One of the leading theories about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease claims that it is a result of the accumulation of a protein, amyloid-beta in the brain, which leads to the death of nerve cells and the loss of tissue. This eventually causes the brain to shrink and in time the hippocampus area of the brain starts to shrivel, impairing the creation of new memories –a familiar symptom experienced by Alzheimer’s patients.


While excited by the initial results of aducanumab on a small sample, researchers are not celebrating the discovery just yet.  It is no surprise that they are wary; the cure for Alzheimer’s disease has been remarkably resistant to breakthroughs. In the past, several promising drugs that purported to slow the progression of the disease or reverse it, turned out to be disappointing in the end. Currently patients of the disease essentially manage their symptoms with the treatments that are available in the market. Experts are quick to point out that it is still early days to say anything decisive about aducanumab and Biogen’s research, and that the sample size is too small for results to be definite.


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