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Dementia Devices: New App Boosts Memory and Communication

How a New Dementia App Boost Senior Memory in Cincinnati, OH

New technological advances are making a big difference for Cincinnati home care providers who are helping seniors with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-related forms of dementia. One group of Cornell University graduate students has created an app that works as a social memory aid for seniors in this situation. The app is called Remember Me! and it was created through the combined efforts of people who either have dementia or know someone with this memory disorder. 

Remember Me! works by creating a network between all of the family and friends of the senior with dementia. These people can upload pictures of themselves, information about how they are related to the senior, and reminders about previous conversations that they had. All of the senior’s connections form a group, and the senior’s phone is notified when a member of the group is nearby. For seniors in the earlier stages of dementia, these brief reminders can be enough to jog their memory.

Seniors who have more advanced cognitive issues can benefit from the app’s language assistance feature. Remember Me! can prompt seniors with potential conversation topics and questions to ask when they come in contact with a group member. The app developers hope to later include more language processing techniques to further aid in conversation. Dementia caregivers in Cincinnati can also benefit from the app because it allows them to locate their loved ones, remind them to take medicine, and allow them to schedule medical appointments.

Remember Me! is still in testing phases, but the team of engineers is planning a commercial launch for the app in just a few months. It is only an Android app at the moment, but the team is also working on an iOS version of the app to launch. Eventually, they hope to gain more funding for their revolutionary idea and launch a startup to promote and further explore their product.

In addition to the app, families can rely on Home Care Assistance to look after their loved ones with cognitive disorders. We provide compassionate dementia and Alzheimer’s home care in Cincinnati that is specially designed to delay memory loss, stimulate cognition, enhance verbal skills, and boost self-esteem. Learn more about our cognitive care plans and schedule a free consultation by calling 513.891.2273 today.

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