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5 Things to Always Bring to Medical Appointments

Don't Forget These Key Items when Taking your Semior Loved One to the Doctor's

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to monitor emotional and physical health to best celebrate longevity, making regular medical check-ups a necessity to ensure health and wellbeing.

However, there is more involved than simply showing up. Below are five necessary items you should remember bring to all medical appointments, recommended by Cincinnati home care professionals.

1. Insurance Cards
Most doctors’ offices require patients to present their insurance cards before they can be seen by a physician. Be sure to take your insurance card with you, especially if there has been a change in provider or coverage. You may even have supplemental insurance or multiple insurance providers, so be sure to take all of your information and cards.

2. A List of Medications
Remember to take a list of all your medications including any over-the-counter drugs, prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you have the right combination of medications and can point out possible harmful interactions and side effects.

3. Medical Records
If you are living with conditions such as diabetes, you may have medical records from other specialists. Taking these to your appointment can help your current doctor track progress with previously prescribed medications or treatment programs and make adjustments if necessary.

4. List of Symptoms and Questions
During a quick appointment, you may not be able to remember everything you want to ask your doctor. Record any physical, cognitive, or behavioral changes that you’ve experienced and take a list of questions and concerns along with you to the appointment. This will ensure that the doctor is aware of all health concerns, and you receive answers to any questions you may have.

5. Pen and Paper
It can be easy to forget what the doctor has to say. To ensure that recommendations are heard and understood, take a pen and paper. Jot down notes about medication instructions, symptoms to watch for, etc. This will ensure you are following all doctor’s orders when you return home.

As we age, it can also become harder to get ourselves to and from important appointments for a variety of reasons. If you or a senior loved one could use a helping hand with transportation, prescription pick-up, or everyday errands, give Home Care Assistance a call at 513.891.2273. We offer live-in and hourly care in Cincinnati, ensuring our local seniors have the help they need, when it’s needed!

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