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Will Stem Cells Be the Future for Heart Patients?

Can Scientists Grow Human Hearts in Labs in Cincinnati, OH?

Heart patients and their live-in Cincinnati caregivers might have a bit of hope for the future in terms of heart transplants. There is progress being made with stem cells that could help repair some of the damaged areas of injured or unhealthy hearts. Those who would benefit most are heart attack patients and people who live with chronic heart diseases.

Researchers conducted tests on animals using bone marrow stem cells that proved promising. The treatment is safe, and there have been improvements to the amount of heart cells grown during the tests. With that in mind, more research needs to be conducted as the number of new cells isn’t as high as researchers want. Once results improve, doctors may be able to use these lab-grown hearts to treat seniors who require heart disease or post-stroke home care in Cincinnati.

While in labs, researchers will tie off a major blood vessel so that there isn’t proper blood flow. Stem cells are then introduced into the animal. After the cells are introduced, they attach to the vessels that have been damaged, forming new cells in the heart. About 68 percent of the damaged portion is healed in most cases. Animals that received the cells survived significantly longer than those who didn’t receive the cells. There are possible signals given off in the myocardium that attract the stem cells. This means that the stem cells will migrate to the damaged areas, multiplying once they attach and boosting the rate of recovery.

Another study revealed that cardiac tissue could be replicated from a strain. Once the tissue begins to develop new cells, it is introduced in the body where it often grows with the heart. This has led to healing from heart attacks and other conditions among lab animals. Researchers have also introduced this kind of tissue through bone marrow transplants, which seem to be the easiest method of introducing new cells into the body as the blood will carry the cells to where they are needed.

Heart disease is a serious problem that can significantly impact senior wellbeing. To combat the challenges associated with stroke or heart disease, reach out to Cincinnati Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of in-home care that enables seniors to live confidently and comfortably at home while recovering from or living with illness such as heart disease. To boost our clients’ wellbeing, we encourage seniors to maintain physical activity, eat healthy foods, and regularly visit their doctors. We even offer transportation to and from medical appointments. Call us today at 513.891.2273 to learn more about our services and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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