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Deciding between Nursing Homes & Live-In Care

It’s natural to want to give back to your parents as they age, making sure they are safe, comfortable and happy in their golden years. However some circumstances, such as a diagnosis of an advanced condition, may require a level of care you are unable to provide. When families are faced with the difficult decision of how to care for an aging parent 24/7, many find themselves deciding between live-in home care in Cincinnati and placement within a local nursing facility. While both can assist in assuring safety, there are some vast differences among them which families should consider.

Personalized Care

Within a skilled nursing facility, each resident has what is called a plan-of-care. This is an individualized documentation of the senior’s needs and an action plan of how they will be met. Home care needs and goals are also individualized in the same manner. One of the biggest differences, however, is the amount of highly personalized care that is actually delivered. One-on-one interactions between the senior and caregiver is often limited within a nursing facility as caregivers are assigned to care for more than one client at a time. In a home environment, a caregiver is able to devote their full attention to their client, promoting maximum safety and comfort. Home caregivers are also better able to monitor and assess physical abilities and changes in mood or behavior so that the appropriate level of care is being provided at all times.

Medical versus Non-Medical Care

Medical care is provided within a skilled nursing facility. A nurse or medication aide administers medications in this type of setting and can perform medical procedures as allowed by law with the order from a physician. Although live-in home care is considered non-medical, caregivers can provide assistance with medications in the form of reminders and also have the experience, training and skills to care for seniors with advanced conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s. Click here to learn more about in-home caregivers in Cincinnati.

Variation in Atmosphere

The atmosphere of a skilled nursing facility and one’s personal home are complete opposites. Some nursing facilities may offer private rooms, but these come at an additional cost and the senior still cannot take all of his or her belongings with them. While meals are prepared for the senior and group activities are available, the senior must participate in them during set times as scheduled by the facility. Live-in care on the other hand, allows the senior social interaction on a more personal basis and is allowed to maintain their regular routines, visiting the same grocery stores, places of worship and friends in the local community. The opportunity to remain in a familiar home environment also helps to promote feelings of safety, pride and independence.

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