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Natural Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Naturally Treating Seasonal Affective Disorders in Cincinnati, OH

While many seniors develop the winter blues, those most severely affected end up having seasonal affective disorder (SAD). They may lose interest in life, feel like sleeping all the time, and feel depressed. As the name suggests, the symptoms tend to start in the fall and continue until spring. Seniors living away from the equator are more likely to experience SAD. More than 75 percent of those with SAD are female, and it tends to run in families. If your loved one has SAD, Cincinnati elder home care professionals suggest trying these natural treatments. 

Do a Favorite Activity

Seniors with SAD tend to lose all interest in activities. Family caregivers may need to be a little creative about keeping seniors engaged in life. Plan a special activity both of you will enjoy. 

Make Dietary Changes

Consider changing your loved one’s diet during the coldest winter days. Incorporate plenty of foods high in vitamin D like tuna, salmon, and beef liver. 

Use Color

Scientists believe the lack of color in the environment may be one of the reasons seniors are most prone to SAD in January and February. Incorporate plenty of color into your loved one’s environment. Make fun crafts with bright colors, wear bright colored clothes, or use bright colored throws and pillows to decorate the living space. 

Spend Time Outdoors

Doctors say one of the best ways to alleviate SAD symptoms is to spend time outside within two hours of getting up. Consider taking your loved one on a morning walk even though he or she will need to bundle up tight. On warmer days, enjoy a hot beverage on the patio. 

If your loved one is experiencing SAD, consider doing one or more of these activities. For more ideas on how to stave off SAD, get in touch with Home Care Assistance. In addition to helping your loved one with daily tasks of living, our dedicated caregivers can help your loved manage symptoms of SAD. We provide reliable respite and 24-hour care. Cincinnati families can call 513.891.2273 to speak with a Care Manager and learn more about how our flexible care plans can benefit their loved ones.

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