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Remembering Muhammad Ali

Remembering the Life of Muhammad Ali and His Struggle with Parkinson's in Cincinnati, OH

The only athlete to ever win the world heavyweight boxing title on three separate occasions passed away on June 3, 2016. Most people around the world remember Muhammad Ali and his highly acclaimed career in the boxing ring. While he was understandably a champion fighter, it’s important for us to remember that he also spent years struggling with Parkinson’s disease. Though the disease took its toll on Ali, he proved to those living with the disease and their caregivers in Cincinnati that it was still possible to lead a full and happy life.

A Stellar Sports Career

Muhammad Ali came from a middle class African-American family. His parents named him Cassius Clay after his birth in Louisville, Kentucky, and he went on to show promise as a boxer at an early age. By 18, he had turned pro. He won the world boxing heavyweight champion title at 22 in a surprise upset against Sonny Liston.

Many matches would soon follow, solidifying Ali’s reputation as a swift and agile fighter. Despite losing his title in an administrative decision after refusing the Vietnam War draft, Muhammad Ali eventually returned and reclaimed his status as the best heavyweight boxer in the world – twice. He gained fame as one of the most successful older boxers in history.

Battling Parkinson’s Disease

Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74 following over 30 years of struggle with Parkinson’s disease. In 1984, Dr. Stanley Fahn officially diagnosed his medical condition after noticing classic signs of the disease in his sometimes-blank facial expression and slow staggering gait.

From the age of 42 onwards, Muhammad Ali battled Parkinson’s disease in the public eye. He constructively used his celebrity to draw public attention to the disease and raise society’s awareness. Eventually, Muhammad Ali helped raise millions of dollars to support a Parkinson’s disease research center in Phoenix, Arizona, the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. His historic legacy will live on among those he encouraged to live fully despite having Parkinson’s.

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