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Is Your Loved One In Danger because a Lack of Support?

Some seniors live near family or by close friends whom they have known most of their lives. These seniors often have an easy time finding a rich social life as they meet with friends for lunch, spend time with grandchildren and celebrate holidays with family.

However, what if your aging loved one is not near close family and friends? Studies show that seniors who are isolated or who lack engaging relationships are often at risk for a wide range of physical and emotional issues and can also be at a higher risk for developing advanced conditions such as heart disease. Surprising to many families, one of the biggest threats to a senior’s welling is a lack of socialization and support.

Working with many seniors through home care in Cincinnati, we’ve come across some simple ways in which the elderly can attain the support they need.

  • Find Local Senior Activities – Many communities, particularly larger ones, offer a wide array of activities geared towards seniors. One option is going to a church, which will have regular services and may have weekly meetings for the elderly. A community center is another great place to find senior exercise classes and other classes for crafts, finances, computer use and more. Senior centers often offer special activities, such as field trips, dances, movies and games.
  • Join a Support Group – Seniors dealing with a chronic illness may wish to join a support group. These groups offer helpful tips for living with the disease, dietary choices and prevention of complications. Seniors can feel rejuvenated and hopeful after attending a session because they will be around others who are dealing with the same problems that they are.
  • Choose Home Care – Seniors who have physical ailments that require extra care, such as frequent therapy, may need more intensive support than what can be found at a support group. Finding an agency that provides home care services can ease individuals’ minds of anxiety. Home caregivers can provide help with everything from medical treatments and bathing to getting groceries, doing laundry and cooking meals through hourly care or on a more routine basis with Cincinnati live-in care.

Seniors have a wide array of support available to them through community functions and specialized care from home health agencies. Choosing the right avenue is dependent on the needs and tastes of the individual and the extent of services offered within the community. However, seniors who are able to participate in social activities will find that they are not lonely and that they have an enjoyable creative outlet to pursue their passions.

To learn more about senior home care, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati today at 513-891-2273 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with a friendly Care Manager.

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