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Creating a Safe Home Environment for Your Loved One

Creating a Safe Home Environment for Seniors in Cincinnati, OH

An increased risk of falling that naturally rises with age can make it difficult for your senior loved to safely get around his or her home, especially if you’re not able to provide constant supervision. Making the home safer is an important step you can take to help him or her retain cherished independence. Here are a few suggestions from Home Care Assistance Cincinnati.

Kitchen and Bathroom

From porcelain sinks to marble countertops, kitchens and bathrooms abound in hard surfaces. Help your senior loved one stay safe in two of the most used rooms in the home by:

• Placing frequently used items within easy reach
• Using nonslip decals in the bathtub
• Installing grip handles throughout

Living Room and Bedroom

Make the living room and bedroom safer for your senior loved one by removing clutter and wrapping up or concealing cords. Also consider:

• Installing nightlights
• Substituting a corded phone with a cordless one
• Removing loose throw rugs

Stairways and Steps

Stairways should be kept free of clutter. Additional lighting around stairways can also help prevent falls. For steps leading to the basement or attic, make sure handrails are secure, there are no loose boards, and adequate lighting is within easy reach.


Keep entryways brightly lit with either a strong porch light or motion sensitive lighting. Walkways should be kept clear of leaves and snow. Outdoor mats and benches near doors can also help with stability.

General Tips

If floors need to be waxed, use non-skid wax. Also consider substituting heavier everyday items like pots, pans, and mugs with lighter versions.

Almost half of all senior injuries occur in the home. Taking the time to make your senior loved one’s home as safe as possible, however, can reduce the risk of sustaining a serious injury. Encouraging your senior loved one to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise and an appropriate diet can also help by increasing muscle mass, bone strength, and flexibility.

Ensure your senior loved one stays safe at home with help from Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are available on a part-time or live-in basis and can provide safety monitoring, medication reminders, transportation to appointments, and help with routine tasks. For more information on any of our care services, including stroke, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care in Cincinnati, give us a call at 513.891.2273 and speak with a friendly Care Manager.

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