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Can Calcium Damage the Heart?

Way Calcium Supplements Can Affect the Elderly in Cincinnati, OH

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine recently completed a study on the relationship between calcium supplements and cardiovascular problems. This notable institution of higher education spent a decade gathering data on more than 2,700 individuals. At the conclusion of the study, researchers determined that calcium supplements can increase the risk of plaque accumulation in the arteries and even in some parts of the heart. More specifically, elderly individuals who take daily calcium supplements are at a very high risk of developing cardiovascular complications and consequently require post-stroke care in Cincinnati, OH


Calcium is an abundant mineral that helps to rebuild bones and teeth. In the United States of America, there seems to be an obsession with taking calcium supplements that are readily available for sale in pharmacies and drug stores. The National Institutes of Health estimates that more than 40 percent of American adults take supplements that contain this mineral. It seems that half of the nation is on the wrong track when it comes to consuming calcium. Even the FDA does not recommend that adults take calcium supplements on a regular basis. Instead, it’s much better for people to get this important nutrient from natural food sources such as green vegetables, dairy products, seafood and legumes. For example, kale and bok choy are loaded with calcium and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Milk, yogurt and cheese also provide plenty of calcium and other nutrients like protein.


Medical and dietary experts worldwide agree that calcium that is derived from food does not cause a significant increase in heart problems. Cincinnati, Ohio, home care providers recommend that seniors rely less on calcium supplements and more on balanced diets that are loaded with essential nutrients. Elderly individuals with arthritis are often pressured into taking calcium supplements, but these individuals should be encouraged to get this mineral from their daily meals rather than some tablets that have been synthesized in labs.


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