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DIY Halloween Costumes Seniors Can Make

Ways for the Elderly to Make Their Own Halloween Costumes in Cincinnati, OH

Even if your loved one doesn’t leave the house on Halloween, he or she can still have some fun by dressing up. Cincinnati elderly care providers believe that seniors who don costumes on Halloween benefit from taking part in an old tradition. To boost your loved one’s morale, here are a few fun DIY costumes you two can create together.


Have your loved one dress as a jellyfish in an outfit that will leave a big impression on trick-or-treaters and other seniors in costume. Have him or her dress in all-white clothing and use a clear umbrella to carry over his or her head. Adorn the umbrella with white streamers and tulle ribbon that will gracefully sway as your loved one walks.


Seniors who want less spook and more cute for their Halloween costume can dress up as an adorable ladybug. All you will need is a red dress and pin black felt circles onto the front and back. Find a pair of wings at a consignment store or online before making a headband out of pom poms and black pipe cleaners to complete your loved one’s look.

Candy Corn

Seniors who love to sew can make a candy corn dress out of a few pieces of fabric to create a costume that costs only a few dollars to make. Purchase 1/3 of a yard of white, yellow, and orange fabric with an a-line dress that is flattering on any body type. Make a white triangular hat with an elastic strap underneath to complete the design of the costume.

Rosie the Riveter

Women who want to show off their feminine side can celebrate Halloween by dressing as Rosie the Riveter. The 1940s outfit is classic and easy to put together with typical clothing pieces that symbolize entering the workforce. Have your loved one wear a navy blue button-down shirt, which can be rolled up at the sleeves. Add a red bandana to match and tie it in the front to show off your loved one’s muscles while she strikes the iconic pose.


You can have your loved one play the part of a creepy Halloween character by dressing him or her up as a bat on October 31. Gather all-black clothing from head to toe and cut up an old black umbrella before hot gluing it underneath the arms of a dark sweatshirt. Complete the outfit with a pair of black cat ears.

In addition to dressing up on Halloween, seniors benefit from spending time with others. Help your loved one stay socially active all year round with Home Care Assistance. In addition to offering emotional support and companionship, we are also the leading provider of stroke, Alzheimer’s and dementia home care in Cincinnati. Contact us at 513.891.2273 to speak with a friendly Care Manager about setting up a free consultation.

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