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5 Environmental Factors That Affect Dementia

5 Environmental Factors That Affect Seniors with Dementia in Cincinnati, OH

Scientists have identified five environmental factors that can scare, irritate, and upset seniors with dementia. While there is no cure for this debilitating disease, Cincinnati dementia care experts recommend carefully controlling the following factors in a senior’s environment to help him or her feel more peaceful.

1. Lights

Seniors with dementia are often scared of shadows. Install as many lights as possible in the home. Since many seniors do not see well, photos in a room can also scare them. Consider turning photos toward the wall. If a senior becomes afraid of his or her image in a mirror, cover it.

2. Noise

Seniors with dementia often become hypersensitive to noise. Consider limiting the number of people allowed in the house at any given moment. Also, eliminate as many loud noises as possible from the environment.

3. Privacy

Bath time can be challenging for caregivers taking care of seniors with dementia. Make sure all the supplies you need are within easy reach when helping your loved one bathe. Consider installing handheld showerhead nozzles because it is easier to direct the water. Use a calm reassuring voice and give simple directions.

4. Lost Items

Special hooks, storage baskets, and bins are all ways to help your loved one stay organized. Create a special safe place in the home where your loved one can spend his or her day involved in an enjoyable hobby without getting hurt. Eliminate as much clutter as possible around the house.

5. Room Temperature

Seniors with dementia often have a hard time controlling body temperature. Install personal heaters and fans with large buttons in the rooms where your loved one spends the majority of his or her time. If he or she is still able to operate the thermostat, make the off and on switches more visible. If not, consider covering the thermostat with a childproof cover. 

Taking steps to create an environment conducive to living with a loved one with dementia often means you will endure fewer battles. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, consider hiring reliable Cincinnati elder care to help you with manage the challenge ahead. At Home Care Assistance, we provide dementia and Alzheimer’s care that can help boost your loved one’s emotional and physical wellbeing in the comfort of his or her home. Call 513.891.2273 to learn how our flexible services can benefit him or her.

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