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Easy Ways to Boost Senior Mental Health

How to Boost Senior Health

Emotional wellbeing is especially important for seniors. The challenges of aging put our elderly loved ones at risk for loneliness and depression, which can have serious physical effects. Here Cincinnati Home Care Assistance presents the keys to a happy mental outlook and tips for maintaining mental health.

Keys to a Happy Outlook in the Golden Years

  • Physical activity
  • Social connectivity
  • Mental productivity

These keys unlock the door to a happy mental state. Here are ways to engage them:

1. Exercise 

Exercise releases brain chemicals that elevate mood, decrease pain, and increase energy. Although staying active is difficult for seniors with mobility limitations, there are ways to remain physically active including seated chair exercises, marching in place with a walker, and simply ambling around the house and yard. More mobile seniors can try yoga, tai chi, swimming, and Pilates. All of these are low impact and have proven mental and physical health benefits.

2. Adopt a Pet

Studies show owning a pet can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase physical activity, stimulate the mind, and provide unconditional love. Consider your loved one’s abilities before choosing a pet, and keep size, daily maintenance, and upkeep costs in mind. If you senior loved one receives hourly or live-in care in Cincinnati, you might also want to speak with his or her caregiver about caring for a pet and ensure allergies are not a concern.

3. Check Out the Library

Libraries offer multiple ways for your elderly loved one to connect with other seniors. Although the programs offered will vary by library, most will provide arts and crafts, book discussions, bus trips, current events discussions, exercise programs, films, games, hobby clubs, lectures, and support groups. Library programs are often tailored to the hearing impaired and can accommodate seniors with compromised vision.

4. Attend a Senior Center

A senior center is a gold mine of golden year activities. Many centers offer events similar to those at libraries. However, unique to senior centers are aquatic exercise, billiards, parties, potlucks, and limited health screenings. Most senior centers provide a nutritious lunch for a small fee.

5. Join a Community Garden

A community garden is a plot of land tended collectively by a group of people. A garden may include vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Members have fun planting, mulching, weeding, watering, pruning, recruiting members, and fund-raising. Membership typically involves a nominal annual fee.

For more information on senior health and wellness, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our revolutionary Balanced Care Method utilizes a holistic approach to senior health and focuses on a senior’s mind, body, and spirit. To learn more, call us at 513-891-2273 and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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