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Medication Safety Tips for Seniors & Their Caregivers

While caregivers have many responsibilities, it is important for them to stay organized when it comes to medication management. Proper medication management can ensure the health of the loved one under your care, can help to avoid potential health problems, and can promote overall safety. If you’re not sure where to begin with medication management, here are a few practical and easy to implement medication safety tips, presented by Cincinnati Home Care Assistance:

  • Fill the Mediset YourselfMany family caregivers make use of the Mediset, a small container that allows you to organize each day’s prescribed medications. The best way to eliminate confusion with a Mediset is to make sure that the same person fills the set around the same time each week. This helps to eliminate confusion and ensures that the proper medications in the correct dosages are inserted.
  • Keep a List of Medications – Keep a list of all medications, both current and past, with information about each medication’s recommended dosages and side effects. This can help the caregiver stay organized, avoiding medication mix-ups and potentially dangerous medication interactions. The list should be continually updated and a copy of the list should be carried with the caregiver at all times in case of an emergency.
  • Know Contraindications – Family caregivers should always be aware of any contraindications, the times when the senior should not take the medication. For example, if your loved one takes Coreg, he or she should not take this medication for a pulse under 60. Caregivers need to be extra cautious with drugs that are used to treat problems with blood pressure or diabetes, as there are certain parameters in which it should not be taken. All caregivers should be aware of these parameters, getting information from their loved one’s primary care physician if necessary.
  • Seek Professional Help – If you are unable to provide around the clock care for your aging parent or loved one, it may be beneficial to hire a part time or live-in caregiver who can provide your loved one with medication reminders. This ensures that their medication is taken on time in your absence, promoting overall safety and comfort. Click here to learn more about professional caregivers in Cincinnati and the other in-home care services they can provide.

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