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Tips for Easy Dressing with Arthritis

One of the most frustrating day-to-day challenges of living with arthritis is the difficulty of getting dressed, particularly in the mornings when joints can be especially stiff and sore. Needing help to change clothes can also lead to a loss of self-esteem and sense of independence, so finding ways to keep your aging loved one self-sufficient in regards to dressing is important.

If you provide part-time or 24 hour care for a senior in Cincinnati, check out the following dressing tips that can help make mornings easier, while promoting his or her self-sufficiency:

  • Avoid clothing with buttons. Clothing with buttons can be difficult or impossible for seniors to manage if they have arthritis in their hands.
  • Use pull-over shirts. This will make it easier for your loved one to dress his or her upper body. In the cooler months, opt for sweatpants and sweatshirts because of their comfort and easy ability to pull on and off.
  • Purchase trousers with an elasticized waist. These types of pants are easier to change into independently and allow seniors to avoid the difficulty of zippers or buttons.
  • Buy slip-on shoes. Shoes without buckles or laces will provide seniors with additional convenience. By eliminating the need to tie laces, your loved one will likely be able to pull or slip on their shoes independently.
  • Be sure that socks are stretchy. Socks with a stretchy component that will not shrink in wash are easier for seniors with arthritis to put on.

While the above tips are helpful for both men and women, there are certain pieces of clothing that can pose extra difficulty for women. Encourage your aging mother, grandmother or loved one to use knee-length trouser socks to replace full-length nylons and provide house dresses or house coats for around the home as these are more comfortable and easy to change out of. You may also suggest she wear camisoles instead of brassieres which can be difficult to put on independently, especially if shoulders are arthritic.

Remaining independent with dressing will not only make the mornings easier, it will promote a sense of privacy, self-esteem and dignity. If your aging parent or loved one needs a bit of extra help with dressing, personal care or other household activities as the result of arthritis, ensure their safety and comfort by hiring a professional, reliable and compassionate caregiver from Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of  home care in Cincinnati. To find out more about our care services, call 513-891-2273 and speak with a devoted Care Manager today.

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