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How to Maintain Dentures

How to Help Seniors Maintain Their Dentures in Cincinnati, OH

Though modern dentures may be almost indistinguishable from regular teeth, they require special maintenance from Cincinnati at-home caregivers. Improper care of dentures may cause your elderly loved one to develop infections, cavities in his or her remaining teeth, or mouth sores. Because elderly immune systems are often weak, it is important to prevent these issues from happening. In order to keep dentures sparkling clean and bacteria free, you should follow these essential tips.

Rinse After Eating

Though a quick rinse will not get rid of all bacteria on dentures, it will remove any large pieces of food. Getting rid of any bits of food stuck in dentures after each meal helps to keep bacteria down by removing a potential food source for bacteria. Simply swishing water around in the mouth is not enough to clean dentures, Cincinnati respite caregivers need to remove and rinse them after each meal.

Use the Right Cleaning Tools

The improper cleaning equipment can cause microscopic scratches and pocks on dentures that become the ideal hiding place for bacteria and germs. If your dentist has recommended a specific type of brush and cleaning solution, use those to clean your dentures. Otherwise, use a soft toothbrush and a denture cleaning solution or a mild dishwashing detergent to clean dentures. Never use toothpaste, which often contains abrasive particles meant to whiten teeth, to clean dentures.

Soak Dentures Overnight

The porous surface of dentures can harbor bacteria that are not easily removed with a simple scrubbing. However, soaking dentures overnight in a denture soaking solution kills up to 99.99 percent of all germs and bacteria. Being able to rest without dentures also allows seniors to rest their mouths and prevent sores from constant wear. Be sure to rinse dentures with water before putting them back in the mouth since some denture soaking solution can contain chemicals that may induce vomiting.

You can learn more about denture and tooth care when you call Cincinnati, OH, Home Care Assistance at 513.891.2273. As a leading home care agency in Cincinnati, we dedicate our efforts to helping seniors achieve the vitality and longevity they deserve by encouraging them to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, our highly trained caregivers help seniors with daily tasks around the house, enabling our clients to age in place with confidence. Speak to a friendly Care Manager about scheduling a no-obligation consultation today.

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