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5 Questions to Ask Prospective Home Care Providers

Aging in place is growing in popularity as more seniors are voicing their desire to stay at home as they age instead of moving to outside nursing homes or living facilities. Unfortunately, a change in a senior’s abilities can make living at home independently difficult or dangerous. When families are unable to provide the care their aging parent or loved one needs, it is natural to look to home care, an option that allows seniors to receive the level of care they need, from the comfort of home.

After deciding that home care is the right option for your aging parent or loved one, how do you find the right care provider? Here are 5 questions that families can ask Cincinnati home care agencies during the interview process to help make the decision making process easier:

  1. What are your certifications?
    Home care agencies should be bonded, licensed and insured and caregivers should ideally be employees of the company, not contractors. Don’t be afraid to ask a care agency for their certifications or references. Following through and checking certifications and references can provide you with the peace of mind you need to entrust the care of your loved one to their caregivers.
  2. How do you select your caregivers?
    Not all caregivers are created equal. While training and experience is important, caregiving needs to fulfill the fundamental human need for compassion. In addition to making sure the care agency conducts a thorough background and reference check, the agency should be able to show you how their caregivers demonstrate compassion, honesty and kindness while on the job.
  3. What training do caregivers receive, if any?
    Reputable care agencies will invest in their caregivers, providing them with training for how to care for the specific needs of seniors. If your aging parent or loved one suffers from an advanced illness such as dementia, it will also be important that the caregivers of the agency are trained in specialty dementia care in Cincinnati.
  4. Is 24 hour care available?
    The care needs of a senior can change at any time, making it important to work with a care agency that offers care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also want to know what the agency’s policy is for when a caregiver is sick or is on vacation. The right care agency will have a system in place to ensure that a caregiver is always available to your aging parent during their scheduled care times.
  5. What is the process if I have a question or complaint about my parent’s care?
    You should have names and contact information for supervisors to whom you can address any questions or concerns. Find out what the process is should you be uncomfortable with a particular caregiver. You should always have the freedom to change your caregiver should a problem occur and should never feel pressured to make a certain decision.

When you feel comfortable with the staff, supervisors, and company, you’ll be less anxious leaving a parent under their care. For more information about in-home care or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a leading care agency in Cincinnati, contact Home Care Assistance. While we specialize in live-in care in Cincinnati, we also provide flexible hourly schedules, giving our clients the freedom to choose the level of type of care that best meets their needs. Call 513-891-2273 to speak with a Care Manager today.

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