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Nanoparticle Therapy and the Fight Against Cancer

Can Nanoparticle Therapy Treat Cancer in Cincinnati, OH?

Cincinnati live-in caregivers devote a lot of time and energy to providing the right level of care for seniors with cancer, especially when it comes to managing symptoms of mainstream cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. While these are currently the most effective forms of cancer treatment, scientists have broken new ground to safely and efficiently treat this disease. Nanoparticle therapy is a cutting-edge treatment for cancer in which an exceptionally small particle is used to carry cancer-fighting drugs through the body directly to cancer cells. While nanotechnology is still in the research phase, initial trials have revealed it to be a promising advance in the fight against cancer.

How Does Nanoparticle Therapy Work?

One of the major problems with current cancer treatments is that they attack healthy cells along with malignant cancer cells. This causes significant, and potentially fatal, side effects. With nanoparticle therapy, scientists have created a way to specifically target only cancer cells while leaving healthy ones in tact. This is thanks in large part to the narrow blood vessels found only in healthy tissue. Since cancer cells grow quickly, their blood vessels are large, broken, and permeable. Scientists have created nanoparticles that are too big to enter healthy cells but small enough to enter cancer cells. This allows traditional cancer drugs to be delivered directly to cancerous cells without affecting healthy ones.

Is Nanoparticle Therapy Currently in Circulation?

Dozens of nanomedicines are currently in clinical trials, but the FDA has only approved two so far. This is due to the complex nature of developing a unique nanoparticle that works with the body for each specific treatment function. The Nanotechnology Characterization Lab of the National Cancer Institute is working closely with academic, commercial, and government agencies to work through these issues and move the technology from clinical trials to more widespread market use.

Can Doctors Treat Your Loved One with Nanoparticle Therapy?

Because of the complexity of nanoparticle therapy and the tedious research and development process, it is not likely to be widely available in time to benefit seniors currently fighting cancer. However, Cincinnati home care providers may consider discussing the possibility of participating in clinical trials with their loved one’s health care team. Many trials are ongoing throughout the country and some seniors may be able to benefit from nanoparticle therapy while it is still in the developmental phase so long as their doctors approve.

In the meantime, seniors with cancer can turn to other resources to manage their disease and symptoms. Home Care Assistance provides premier services for seniors with numerous illnesses and injuries including dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care in Cincinnati. Our expertly trained caregivers offer seniors the emotional support and companionship they need to manage their disease while transporting them to and from medical appointments and treatments. To give your loved one the care he or she deserves, contact an experienced Care Manager at 513.891.2273 today.

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