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Stress Check for Family Caregivers

June 24, 2014

The stress of providing long term care to a family member often starts off slowly and builds over time. This can make it hard for caregivers to notice the subtle effects that stress has on their emotional and physical health until it has already taken a large toll. For this reason, it is recommended that…

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Educating Seniors about Medication Risks

June 17, 2014

Healthcare professionals sometimes skimp on the education they give to seniors about medications, thinking that the information will not be remembered or understood. However, there are many reasons why seniors are at higher risk for medication complications than other segments of the population and why this type of education is so important. Reasons Why Seniors…

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5 Questions to Ask Prospective Home Care Providers

June 13, 2014

Aging in place is growing in popularity as more seniors are voicing their desire to stay at home as they age instead of moving to outside nursing homes or living facilities. Unfortunately, a change in a senior’s abilities can make living at home independently difficult or dangerous. When families are unable to provide the care…

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