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The Benefits of Therapy for Senior’s with Parkinson’s

September 9, 2014

At Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati, OH, we know that a Parkinson’s diagnosis often leaves families confused and unsure of how to move forward with their senior loved one’s care. While planning for long-term care and outside assistance will be necessary, families should also look into therapy programs. There are many therapy programs available, specifically…

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Alzheimer’s Care: Anticipating Ambiguous Loss & Grief

August 26, 2014

Many families have some idea of the challenges of caring for a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. Assisting with meal preparation, dressing, and bathing are expected, and many realize that their loved one will experience changes in mood and behavior as the disease progresses. However, not much attention is paid to the equally important,…

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3 Myths about Senior Nutrition

August 19, 2014

Many family caregivers go to great lengths to ensure that they are doing the best for their loved one. Unfortunately, some family caregivers may be doing their loved one a disservice by continuing to hold onto myths about nutrition. There are certain myths about nutrition that have not only been accepted as true by society,…

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Deciding between Nursing Homes & Live-In Care

August 12, 2014

It’s natural to want to give back to your parents as they age, making sure they are safe, comfortable and happy in their golden years. However some circumstances, such as a diagnosis of an advanced condition, may require a level of care you are unable to provide. When families are faced with the difficult decision…

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Symptoms Seniors Can’t Afford to Ignore

August 5, 2014

Ignoring or dismissing aches, pains and general medical problems is not uncommon, especially among the senior population. Whether due to pride or embarrassment, the elderly often attribute their ailments to the natural aging process, even when such changes impact their ability to carry out daily activities. If you notice that your loved one is having…

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Tips for Managing Parkinson’s Tremors

July 29, 2014

Tremors are a common symptom experienced by Parkinson’s patients, and they can range from mildly noticeable to severe enough to limit one’s normal activities. There are two types of tremors that can be identified: those that occur when the senior is active and those that occur when the senior is resting, and both tend to…

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Why Older Adults Should Start Surfing the Internet

July 23, 2014

Nearly 60 percent of seniors use the Internet, according to a 2014 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, and a new study indicates that’s good news for their mental and emotional health. Through email and social media sites, the World Wide Web helps keep older adults connected with friends and loved ones. As a…

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Stocking the Pantry to Promote Better Senior Health

July 15, 2014

Shopping for groceries and preparing meals becomes more challenging for people as they age. As a leading provider of hourly and live-in care in Cincinnati, we’ve found that when the pantry, freezer or cupboard is bare, elderly adults are more tempted to resort to unhealthy choices like take-out and fast food. You can help ensure…

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Tips for Easy Dressing with Arthritis

July 8, 2014

One of the most frustrating day-to-day challenges of living with arthritis is the difficulty of getting dressed, particularly in the mornings when joints can be especially stiff and sore. Needing help to change clothes can also lead to a loss of self-esteem and sense of independence, so finding ways to keep your aging loved one…

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Identifying Senior Heat Stroke Symptoms

July 1, 2014

Heat stroke is a serious concern for senior adults whose bodies may not be able to cool off quickly enough in response to high temperatures. Often, the symptoms of heat stroke are subtle enough to be overlooked until an emergency situation has occurred. Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati presents how to identify a possible heat…

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