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Basic Needs for Elderly Care

Despite what you may have heard, getting old isn’t just about getting a few creaky joints and some whitened hair. The golden years can truly be a period of great fun and fulfillment, but they also present a set of unique challenges that people may have a hard time understanding. Luckily you don’t have to tread these waters alone, we here at Home Care Assistance Cincinnati are experts in the field of elderly care and can offer some of the best and most inventive options in the industry. Older adults will have certain needs that must be met in order to go on living healthy, productive lives. These include:

1. Mobility

Getting around is an essential part of life, but old age has a habit of making things difficult by restricting movement or coming with certain medical conditions that force older adults to adopt a less mobile lifestyle. In today’s society, however, it’s easier than ever to get around even if you’re confined to a wheelchair or have trouble getting by without a cane. Still, homes need to be adapted to fit the current reality of the person living inside them, whether it be through the installation of a wheelchair ramp or handrails for added security.

2. Transportation

Speaking of mobility, older adults have just as much of a need to travel as their younger counterparts. Some have medical prescriptions that need to be picked up on a regular basis. Others have to attend physical therapy sessions on the opposite side of town. Others still may simply enjoy the idea of moving around and retaining their active lifestyle. If the older adult in your household can no longer drive, it’s a good idea to find a caregiver who can take them wherever they need to go or run their errands for them.

3. Medication

As our bodies age, the need for a little bit of outside help becomes more prominent. Medication serves that very purpose, and taking it is typically a normal part of many older adult’s daily routines. But prescriptions need to be periodically refilled, and treatment schemes adjusted, so it is mandatory that older adults go for regular medical check-ups at a much more frequent rate than younger people.

4. Personal Care

Every human being wants to feel comfortable in his or her own skin. Due to certain conditions, older adults can sometimes have a harder time with personal grooming, so they may require assistance when bathing, dressing or doing other self-care activities. A caregiver is trained to do all these things while also allowing the person they’re looking after to have as much independence and freedom as they want.

5. Nutrition

Good nutrition is important throughout every stage of life, but it becomes paramount when various prescriptions and medical issues conspire to restrict what people can and cannot eat. Having someone nearby who can cook healthy meals on a daily basis is a big plus, as is the ability to procure fresh, organic ingredients throughout the year.

That concludes our quick overview of the top five most common elderly care needs that must be fulfilled before an older adult can feel happy and content in his or her environment. In recent years, professional home care assistants have become a popular alternative to traditional nursing facilities, as they allow older adults to remain in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving top-notch care 24/7. You can learn more about this option by checking out Home Care Assistance Cincinnati’s website and arranging for a free in-home consultation today.

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