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4 Exercises to Help Seniors Strengthen Their Arms

Seniors Train for Arm Strength in Cincinnati, OH

Seniors often worry about losing strength in their arms. However, they can take a few measures to keep their arms strong. Cincinnati, OH, elderly care experts suggest these 4 fun exercises to help your loved one regain arm strength.

1. Seated Jumping Jacks

While traditional jumping jacks may be challenging for seniors to do, seated jumping jacks may be more manageable. Have your loved one sit on the edge of the chair. Tell him or her to raise the hands above the head and hold them as far apart as possible. While the hands are lifted above the head, have him or her bring the hands together. Count each repetition your loved one can complete during a 30-second period. Encourage him or her to try to beat the previous record. 

2. Elbow Curls

Have your loved one sit with his or her hands covering the ears with the elbows pointed straight out, then get him or her to bring the elbows together. See if he or she can repeat the motion 30 times in a row.

3. Arm Circles

Your loved one should sit on the edge of a seat and stick his or her arms out to the side. Tell him or her to move the arms in small circles going forward, then ask him or her to start making bigger circles. Encourage your loved one to continue until he or she can no longer make the circle any bigger, then get him or her to do the arm circles in the other direction. Have him or her try it with a water bottle in each hand when the exercise begins to feel easy.

4. Walking with Arm Motions

If your loved one likes to walk, encourage him or her to add arm motions to the walk. Ask your loved one to start with the arms against the wrist with the elbows bent. As your loved one moves the left foot forward, he or she should move the right arm forward at the same time while keeping it bent, then return it to the side. Next, ask your loved one to move the right foot and left arm forward at the same time. Keep changing until the walk is done.

Participating in these fun activities can help increase your loved one’s arm strength. Contact Home Care Assistance at 513.891.2273 to learn about other activities to help your loved one remain physically healthy. Our highly trained caregivers work tirelessly to boost your loved one’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. We also provide specialized dementia and Alzheimer’s Care. Cincinnati families can call us and speak with a qualified Care Manager to learn more about our services and how they benefit our clients.

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