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How a Daily Pill Regimen Can Make You Feel Young Again

How a New Pill Promotes Anti-Aging in Cincinnati, OH

Seniors and hourly Cincinnati caregivers agree that while many anti-aging products make wild claims about invigorating their users, few live up to their reputations. However, a new pill developed after decades of research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Dr. Lenny Guarente may actually provide some anti-aging benefits to people who use it regularly. Along with several other top researchers and five Nobel Prize winners, renowned anti-aging scientist Dr. Guarente has created Basis, an oral supplement that can supposedly prevent age related cellular degeneration.

What Is in the Pill?

The primary components of the Basis pill are nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene. When the body absorbs these components, it naturally synthesizes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), an enzyme that is part of the metabolic process. The body can then use NAD to repair DNA, ensure that proteins are not misfolded, reduce inflammation, and detoxify cells.

What Did the Study Find?

Dr. Guarente’s work was influenced by a 2013 study by Dr. David Sinclair that examined the effect of the metabolism on aging mice. He discovered that the mice that ate less food began producing higher levels of NAD and lived significantly longer. Dr. Guarente built on this theory by taking a closer look at how NAD affects aging. It turns out that older people have far less NAD than their younger counterparts. When senior mice were given NAD supplements, they ended up with tissues comparable to a late adolescent mouse even though the senior mice were not starved.

Has the Pill Been Proven to Work?

Dr. Guarente is confident that the pill works because NAD supplementation in mice is proven to be effective and there is a massive amount of logical scientific research to back up the theory. It may not enable people to double their lifespan, but Basis should be able to help them enjoy a happy and healthy golden years without falling subject to the degeneration and disabilities often associated with old age.

Basis isn’t the only way to enjoy happy healthy golden years. Home Care Assistance is a premier home care agency in Cincinnati that enables seniors to age with dignity in the comfort of home. We provide numerous services that promote senior longevity and wellbeing by encouraging healthy diet, regular exercise, and socialization with friends and family. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 513.891.2273 and speak to a friendly Care Manager.

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